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NLP Trainings, Communication Skills and Team Building

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps people change unwanted behaviours, increase choice and enhance quality of life. NLP is results oriented and consequently treatment is fast. NLP is not so concerned with why something is not working, but more with how you internalize. Once you learn how you do certain things, patterns can be changed quickly and easily. Quantum Change NLP offers group and individual trainings, communication skills, team building, and executive coaching and counseling to help you break through to happiness and success personally and professionally.

Why NLP?

Would you like to eliminate unconstructive behaviours and habits and increase flexibility and choice in how you feel, think, act and interact in your world? Would you like to make far-reaching changes in your life? NLP is a new science of human behavior that is proving very effective and increasingly popular. It is about change at the deep unconscious level, which has a quantum effect on our entire being, facilitating personal transformation.

Quantum Change NLP is about changing unwanted behaviours, clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and past traumas and phobias. It is about regaining control over our thoughts and emotions, increasing choice and freedom, enhancing quality of life and achieving results. It explores how we act and interact both intentionally and unintentionally, consciously and unconsciously. NLP results in generative change, in which people learn to generate new talents, behaviors and choices.

How Does NLP Work?

NLP is results oriented and consequently treatment is fast and takes only weeks or months. NLP is not so concerned with why something is not working, but more with how you internalize. Once you learn how you do certain things, patterns can be changed easily and quickly. We are designed for adaptation and change. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

What Can NLP Do For Me?

Quantum Change NLP uses accelerated, results oriented therapies in self esteem, abuse, phobias, allergies, depression, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, relationships, behavioral change, educational strategies, and healing strategies. It also gives you excellent skills in business and communication.

Quantum Change NLP provides trainings in communication skills, team building, and executive coaching and management. NLP Practitioner Certification trainings and Hypnotherapy training is also taught. Included, as a free benefit to you, are Time Based Therapies that greatly accelerate how quickly and deeply change is made.

NLP is becoming increasingly used in business, communication skills, personal and professional development, health, athletics, therapy and education.

NLP is used by executives and businesses to increase sales, for team building, to understand and utilize unconscious communication skills, understand what motivates people, how they are convinced, what their primary thinking style is, and how to have rapport with anyone regardless of their communication style or type.

Time Based Therapies

An excellent source of Brief Therapy that developed from NLP and is effective and lasting. Time Based Therapies work with how we encode our memories. Unwanted emotions of the past or the future can easily be released and cleared and limiting beliefs changed, allowing positive emotions and empowering and creative behaviours. Time Based Therapies Practitioner and Time Based Therapies Master Practitioner Certification Trainings are offered as part of our NLP Practitioner and Master trainings

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is different from traditional hypnosis because rather than imposing one’s ideas on someone else, Erickson’s utilization method recognizes that each person has a unique learning pattern. This hypnotherapy seeks to evoke these patterns rather than superimposing foreign contents or ideas on the client. It teaches you how to fine tune your hypnotic inductions and skills to suit each individual person you work with. You learn the skills to create any induction on your own, so that you have countless ways to work with anyone. “Once you evoke the processes, the client can then use them. That leads to a spontaneous correction” (Milton Erickson). You will also learn general permissive inductions that can be used with great success for a general audience..


Hypnotherapy is used to make change at the deep unconscious level, so that old problems, behaviours and habits disappear to be replaced by more empowering feelings, thoughts and actions. The new behavior becomes as automatic as the old response used to be. NLP was developed to a large extent by studying Milton Erickson who was an exceptional hypnotherapist from which Ericksonian Hypnosis was developed. Hypnotherapy Certification is taught as part of our NLP trainings.


Athletes have long known the value of working with a consultant to maximize performance. Now business is taking advantage of the significant contributions this practice has to offer. Personal coaching is becoming one of the most sought after benefits for today's busy professionals. In a Breakthrough Performance Coaching session you will:

  • Discover what really motivates you
  • Clear past negative experiences that may be blocking you from your true potential.
  • Transform old fears into personal power.
  • Align personal values to support your goals and feel your energy increase as you move toward a compelling future.
  • Enhance your personal relationships as the benefits move into all areas of your life.
  • You can now have an individual Breakthrough session through Skype from anywhere in the world!

How soon will you be ready to Breakthrough now to your true potential? Why not find out today what NLP can do for you…

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