By Monika Nygaard, 
Published in Alderlea Magazine August/98

Allergies can mean more than just sneezes. Food allergies, dog allergies, cat allergies, mold allergies, most other types of allergy symptoms can find allergy relief through specialized NLP techniques. Some allergy symptoms may also not be what you think. The way the brain functions can also be affected.

Most people are familiar with the common symptoms of allergic reactions.  They vary from rashes, shortness of breath, plugged sinuses, itching, runny nose and eyes, fatigue, indigestion, gas, nausea, sneezing and coughing, among others.

 What many people don’t realize is that allergies can also affect the neuro transmitters in the brain.  Just where in the brain they flare up occurs reflects those symptoms.

 A woman I knew 25 years ago was very kind and thoughtful, but would sometimes get unpredictably violent, once throwing a visitor twice her size out of her apartment for no apparent reason and with very little effort.  After a time she gained a reputation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

 After many years of suffering with this unpredictable malady, she found out she was allergic to corn and that this was the trigger for her behaviour.  Corn starch, dextrose (corn sugar), corn syrup and many food additives contain corn as a base, so when she eliminated these foods, she never had any more violent episodes.

 Another area of the brain that can be affected is learning and perceptual abilities.  A woman I know, we’ll call her Karen (name withheld upon request), grew up with an auditory dyslexia as well as visual.  In other words, when people spoke to Karen, she heard something entirely different because the sounds became jumbled inside her mind.  Her long term memory was also affected.  She used to struggle with homework many hours every night and only get -Cs.

 When Karen was 11 years old, she found out she was allergic to wheat, dairy and cane sugar.  So she quit eating those foods and took homeopathic drops every two weeks.  She only studied ½ hour in the whole two weeks and got As in school for the first time in her life!  However, when she found out she would have to stay off those foods for many years because she lived far up north and couldn’t be re-tested for the drops every month (a process that takes about two years to eliminate an allergy), she decided she couldn’t do it.  So she went back to eating all the foods that her friends ate and getting -Cs.

 Many years later when she was 18, her boss told her she thought Karen had food allergies.  At this point in her life she was tired of working so hard at school and not getting as far as she wanted, so she decided to go without the offending foods.

 She was amazed to be able to hear and understand every word people said and to be able to follow conversations accurately.

 One day she forgot and ate a dairy product and all morning it sounded like everyone was mumbling.  It was then she realized that was how she had been all her life - because now she had something to compare it to.

 Two months later she had a couple of two hour NLP sessions and eliminated all her allergies.  Now she eats any foods she likes and is symptom free.  That was 4 years ago, and she continues to enjoy all foods and can hear and read clearly.  She says it has changed her life dramatically.

 Karen wanted me to share this story for the benefit of anyone who many be going through similar struggles that she endured.  Her story truly shows that the mind and body are interconnected and what affects one, affects the other, often on a much deeper level than we realize.

Monika Nygaard is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Master Trainer and Hypnotherapy Trainer. She can be reached at nlp4change@shaw.ca
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