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New Hope for Cancer Treatment

By Monika Nygaard

Dr. Hamer's work and Time Line Therapy®, which developed from NLP, has given us new skills in cancer treatment. Recognizing how the mind body connection affects cancer treatment, patients can relieve the trauma of cancer through Time Line Therapy®, and trigger a natural healing response.

One hundred fifty years ago bloodletting was the cure-all for most diseases. Perhaps in the future when people look back to today, they will feel similarly miffed that we understood so little. Great strides have been made in diagnosing, understanding, and in the use of technology in healing. These advancements are wonderful and to be applauded. To assume that there is nowhere else to look is short sighted and close minded.

As we are becoming increasingly aware of how the mind and body are interconnected, new possibilities for healing "dis-ease" and long standing human problems are being discovered.

A most fascinating study is that of Dr. Hamer, who while practicing in Rome, Italy witnessed his 18 year old son being shot and killed. Several years later Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer. He had surgery and survived. Afterwards he moved to Bavaria and became very curious about the connection between emotional trauma and cancer. He studied and researched over 10,000 cases.

What he discovered and asserts is that a severe psychological shock or conflict precedes all cancer. He says, "you isolate yourself, and do not share your emotions with others. You are upset and do not share with others - you're obsessed about conflict. This conflict changes your life completely - you will never be the same again." This type of Significant Emotional Experience or SEE, says Hamer, occurs one to three years before the onset of the first cancer symptoms.

According to Hamer, when a major SEE happens, there is a trapped emotion in the brain, the brain suffers what could be described as a minor stroke (leaving a lesion in the brain). It then starts sending the wrong information to a certain part of the body and cancer growth starts in that area. The nature of the SEE determines where in the brain the lesion occurs and consequently the type of cancer and it's growth. A skilled MD can see these lesions on the brain with a CT Scan.

Hamer reports that in all cases where the negative SEE is released (i.e. the negative emotions are cleared or resolved through some psychological methods), then edema (or water) appears around the lesion and healing begins. This edema around the lesion he observed with follow up CT-Scans on all patients who successfully overcame the cancer.

To successfully release the SEE preceding the cancer, Dr. Tad James, who developed Time Line Therapyâ, finds it best to go for the root cause of all negative emotions and limiting decisions, including any decisions around the disease. By going for the root cause, which can go to a much earlier period and is linked to the event that triggered the cancer, makes healing more long lasting. According to Hamer and James, cancer does not metastasize (spread to other parts of the body by splitting off and traveling through the blood stream). Researchers have not been able to cause cancer cells to metastasize in any laboratory experiments.

Rather, Hamer and James say that any additional SEE, such as getting the horrific news of the cancer diagnosis, etc., will cause new cancer growth. The most common area spread to is the lymph, which is related to fear, and the lungs, related to fear of death.

One client I saw had successfully overcome cancer 12 years earlier and then had a relapse. We cleared all the negative emotions, limiting decisions and the root cause of the cancer. There hasn't been any cancer for three years now and she's doing things she only dreamed of before.

The University of Calgary, Department of Medicine, now uses Time Line Therapyâ as a textbook in one of its oncology (cancer) treatment classes for training medical doctors. Several psychology departments including St. Joseph's College in Michigan teach it to psychology students. There is hope when people are willing to look farther and deeper to find techniques and alternatives for healing.

Monika Nygaard is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Master Trainer and Hypnotherapy Trainer. She can be reached at nlp4change@shaw.ca

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