By Monika Nygaard, 
Published in Nanaimo Harbour City Star April/99

Time Line Therapy® can help alleviate bad habits and family patterns if the root cause, going back generations, is found and removed. Time Line Therapy®, which was developed from NLP, makes this possible through a gentle and easy process that allows you to stay above your time line and get new positive learnings from the event.

How many times have you thought about a bad habit or pattern of thinking or behaving that you have that you don’t like, and said to yourself, “Well, it’s always been like that in our family.  I know other people do it differently, but I just can’t seem to do it.”

 For issues which are generational, sometimes the only way to clear them up is to go back to the source. What we’re talking about here is not going back and talking to your parents or grandparents who may not be alive any more.  But rather we’re talking about your “internal parents”, your own perceptions of who your parents are and what they mean to you.

 When we are very young (at least 7 years or younger) we are very impressionable, have very little information to go on, and take things very much to heart.  As children we often, in one area or another, take on our parents issues because they are our role models.  We cannot help but be influenced by the challenges in our parents’ lives, or what we as children perceived them to be.

 Likewise, our parents may have taken on some of their parents’ issues, and so on, down the line.

 For some negative emotions and limiting decisions we have made about ourselves and life in general, it is necessary to go back several generations to find the root cause, the very first event upon which all the other related events are based on.  This is done quickly, easily, and gently through Time Line Therapy? and accessing the event through the unconscious mind.

 Once the negative emotion around the first event has been released, all subsequent events that were based in it necessarily have to shift, and a new more empowering decision can be put in its place.

 The effects of this gentle procedure are far reaching.  As an example, my husband had a heart attack 3 ½ years ago and was in the hospital for a month before he could get a triple by-pass.  He was quite concerned about the operation, because as long as he could remember, he couldn’t handle the sight of blood.  He would get very queasy.

 The odd thing was, he grew up on a farm and his family raised beef.  Every fall when it was time to butcher, my husband didn’t like it, but it wasn’t until they had to saw off the legs that he had to leave or would feel faint.  This seemed peculiar to me that it was only with the leg cutting that he had such a strong reaction.

 So, he decided to have an NLP Master Practitioner come to the hospital and help him locate the root cause of his aversion to blood and operations.  His unconscious mind took him back to 1865.  When he was looking down from above his Time line to see what was happening down there, he saw a battle field with an injured man having his leg amputated without any anaesthetic.

 To release the negative emotion, he went a few days before the event, and then his unconscious mind re-sorted and re-evaluated all the other events based on it, all the way back to now.

 The whole family noticed a real shift in him after that.  He was calm, relaxed and confident and the operation went as smoothly as it could for him and he recovered quickly.  (I’m the one who almost fainted when I saw his scar and all the tubes in him after surgery!)

 So if you’ve tried a number of different approaches and haven’t been successful, or if you’re just ready to try a new approach, then Time Line Therapy? may be an avenue that can heal up dilemmas and issues for you.  It can, in a sense, help you clean up your karma and move forward in your life.

Monika Nygaard is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Master Trainer and Hypnotherapy Trainer. She can be reached at nlp4change@shaw.ca
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