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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Business Training

NLP is used by executives and businesses to increase sales, for team building, to understand and utilize unconscious communication skills, understand what motivates people, how they are convinced, what their primary thinking style is, and how to have rapport with anyone regardless of their communication style or type. You will also learn how to:

· Predict behavior
· Provide compelling motivation
· Use language to trigger desired actions
· Negotiate confidently and effectively
· Enhance your powers of observation and see and hear what others miss
· Build consensus and raise morale. Defuse personality conflicts
· Actualize your goals faster
· Have better relationships in all areas of your life.

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What participants are saying…

"For my own personal self-development, I cannot say enough about the training. I discovered tools and techniques within myself that have already benefited my life in many ways." - Cindy Cooper, Retail Worker

"I really liked the openness, inclusiveness and integrity of what NLP proposes and its execution - congruence of process and philosophy." - Robert Mazerolle, Author

"This course would be good for anyone in all aspects in life, for any relationship or business to help people understand each other." - Dennis Wiberg, Realtor

Breakthrough Performance Coaching

Athletes have long known the value of working with a consultant to maximize performance. Now business is taking advantage of the significant contributions this practice has to offer. Personal coaching is becoming one of the most sought after benefits for today's busy professionals. In a Breakthrough Performance Coaching session you will:

  • Discover what really motivates you

  • Clear past negative experiences that may be blocking you from your true potential.

  • Transform old fears into personal power.

  • Align personal values to support your goals and feel your energy increase as you move toward a compelling future.

  • Enhance your personal relationships as the benefits move into all areas of your life.

How soon will you be ready to Breakthrough now to your true potential? Why not find out today what NLP can do for you…Customized courses can be arranged for business and success coaching, both individually and with your company to troubleshoot problem areas to increase communication skills, unity, teamwork, sales and productivity.  Call today for an individual consultation. Phone or email for a detailed course outline. We now do individual breakthrough sessions through Skype! Phone to book an appointment today! 250 246-2460

Monika Nygaard
Quantum Change NLP
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Purchase a Two Hour Online Coaching Session $200.00 CDN

Breakthrough Coaching Options

All trainings are in the beautiful vacation destination of Vancouver, Victoria or Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Accommodation available at reasonable rates. For additional information regarding NLP or individual sessions, contact Monika Nygaard at nlp4change@shaw.ca  or at above numbers.

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