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Do you ever feel stressed, overloaded or out of control? Do you want to take control of your life, learn to relax quickly and easily and refocus on the important things in your life, career and relationships?

Trance is where learning and openness are most likely to occur. Learn how to talk to your unconscious mind, understand how it works and take home with you exercises and techniques to use for your own further relaxation, confidence and transformation.

What is magic? It is what is done outside of our awareness. Find out about the structure and process of the unconscious mind through instructions, demonstrations and a series of experiential exercises. Learn about this fascinating, powerful tool to assist you in making trance-formations and generative change. Find out how the art and science of self hypnosis can assist you to become more relaxed, confident and more easily obtain the goals and lifestyle you want.

Hypnotherapy is used to make change at the deep unconscious level, so that old problems, behaviours and habits disappear to be replaced by more empowering feelings, thoughts and actions. The new behavior becomes as automatic as the old response used to be. NLP was developed to a large extent by studying Milton Erickson who was an exceptional hypnotherapist from which Ericksonian Hypnosis was developed. Hypnotherapy Certification is taught as part of our NLP trainings.

In this training you will learn how to:

· eliminate unconstructive behaviours and habits
· increase flexibility, choice and creativity
· the stages of hypnosis
· the principles of suggestion
· the deep structure of language for optimum change
· go beyond your normal constructs
· design achievable goals
· the Mind Power for Life™ technique
· many self hypnosis techniques
· and much more!

Comments from past students:

"Very interesting. Very well thought out. Felt taken down a path
and reaching a destination. There was completion. So healing and comforting."
- Donna Hobson, Accountant

"A whole new outlook for me to believe that I do have and can be
more aware in and of my life!" -Tricia Bergland

"Informative. Thought provoking. Stimulated my curiosity. I want to learn more
about the subconscious mind and how I can use it to improve my life."
- Ruth Paul

"Can't wait to go home and try this. Lots of information. Wow."
- Aisha Sawchuk, Cowichan Spirit of Women Coordinator

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Quantum Change NLP is registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency.

To register phone:
Monika Nygaard
Quantum Change NLP
Box 355
Chemainus, BC  V0R 1K0

All trainings are in the beautiful vacation destination of Victoria or Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Accommodation available at reasonable rates.

For additional information regarding NLP or individual sessions, contact Monika Nygaard at the above numbers.

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